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Silent vigil in honour of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia - @EU_Commission condemns horrify… https://t.co/bI2OFjRW51

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.@JKingEU presents new #antiterrorism measures: "We are taking action to make public spaces less vulnerable"… https://t.co/kuhy6xUrdB

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.@JunckerEU on#MigrationEU "We were right to engage with Turkey on reducing flows. Question of saving lives"… https://t.co/yBblGsWvMJ

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.@JunckerEU "Nations are not a provisional invention of history. They are here to stay. There can be no United Stat… https://t.co/ZYfgjr3hPd

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.@JunckerEU on #Brexit "Process will take longer than initially thought. Will not be able to move to the 2nd stage… https://t.co/3OC8Jccb60

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.@JunckerEU at @uni_lu "I am worried by #Catalonia situation. Call for dialogue." https://t.co/xpvBV3jRfc

.@JunckerEU at @uni_lu 'I am worried by #Catalonia situation. Call for...

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.@JunckerEU on #MigrationEU "First time in history that decisions are taken by QMV in Council but then not applied" https://t.co/j1BUa2blhG

.@JunckerEU on #MigrationEU 'First time in history that decisions are...

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.@JunckerEU #FutureOfEurope "Nous devons réorganiser la défense européenne. Investir dans le numérique. Élargir Era… https://t.co/isr8KzcW58

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.@JunckerEU "Le changement climatique est réel. N'écoutez pas ceux qui prétendent que tout cela c'est de la littéra… https://t.co/Jm4J9TCJpj

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