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We want to recruit hundreds of Justice Democrats to run a unified campaign to replace every establishment Congressperson in 2018. RT ≠ endorsements.

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.@SenSanders to @tedcruz "Work with me on a tax plan where 80% of the cuts go to the working and middle class" YES DUH. #CNNDebateNight

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Justice Democrats

Watch @SenSanders LIVE mic drop on @tedcruz, dismantle the GOP Billionaire Tax Plan, demand campaign finance reform https://t.co/HPgbDah8vF

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Justice Democrats

Koch bros pay off @TedCruz for more tax cuts, to pour more $ into elections. For more tax cuts. Wash, rinse, repeat… https://t.co/5lYZxcVFof

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Go get em, @SenSanders https://t.co/pgDoK3b1mx

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PREACH @cenkuygur. JD launches 13 more teachers, doctors, and vets to beat the corporatists-left, right, and center https://t.co/EjE68QhaQt

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