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Editor-at-Large at @BuzzFeedOz. YA author rep'd by @danielle_binks. Debut novel coming from @macmillanaus 2019. Is this a kissing book?


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Jenna Guillaume

I feel seen @andyschwander https://t.co/bKt2Gy7a7T https://t.co/pcJGOA66ih

I feel seen @andyschwander 

https://t.co/bKt2Gy7a7T https://t.co/pcJG...

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Jenna Guillaume

Lisa is actually filthy, I love it. https://t.co/X4sQeKURCW

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Jenna Guillaume

Ok but as I was quickly scrolling I legit thought this was a pic of Austin Powers for a second https://t.co/fF8Nc97GbS

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Jenna Guillaume

BABY 😍 https://t.co/Uot3XOVnl2

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Back in my day we vented about the HSC by setting fire to our notes and curling up on the floor and sobbing. Wait maybe that was just me.

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