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#MarchForTruth organizer. Grammy-losing songwriter. Foul-mouthed moderate. Threats RT'd so we can laugh at you. Have 5 kids. You can't scare me. @crowdrescuehq

Washington, USA

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Holly O'Reilly

Puerto Rico STILL does not have clean drinking water. https://t.co/QmUOITZPP5

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Holly O'Reilly

This is where we are, 'murica. Thanks, Trump. https://t.co/VJj7GiZxj8

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Holly O'Reilly

Cosign. https://t.co/4gMKRH5gTg

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Holly O'Reilly

What is it with Trump and Gold Star families of color? I trust Myeshia Johnson. As far as I know, SHE has never li… https://t.co/SSP89pnAz5

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