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European Commission

Silent vigil in honour of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.We condemn the horrifying attack… https://t.co/rSXB1NJMKi

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European Commission

Call for startups! We invite 50 EU and 50 Africa-based startups to showcase services and technology at the forum:… https://t.co/FkWPupIFK9

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European Commission

Watch live: Press conference after the Tripartite Social Summit with @VDombrovskis: https://t.co/a3gMlEd74e… https://t.co/JD0brmOzNn

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European Commission

EU-U.S. #PrivacyShield has been operational for 1 year now. What are the results so far? https://t.co/Byi0BCxqSp… https://t.co/0Pbkrcp6hV

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We support Member States in their efforts to reduce the vulnerability of their public spaces.… https://t.co/6O7qtwY3S6

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See the new interactive digital publication on the life of women and men in Europe ➡️ https://t.co/4nWseNaNdq https://t.co/YOSOSdO7rU

See the new interactive digital publication on the life of women and m...

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European Commission

"Private data are protecting the identity of people, data protection is a fundamental right" #PrivacyShield https://t.co/eMIISmKaEx

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"We are announcing new #AntiTerrorism measures to limit terrorists' ability to carry out plots" @JKingEU https://t.co/5eTdnUQHrm

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