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.@POTUS keeps zigging & zagging on health care. 2 wks ago we spoke & agreed he'd encourage Sen Alexander & I'd encourage Sen Murray.

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The President ought to know what's in the bill before he tweets about it. https://t.co/IQNlIb7CPP

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New York has a lot to celebrate tonight: another win in the Bronx & a second chance in Brooklyn. Still can't beli… https://t.co/7t9w1MFXMi

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.@POTUS’ travel bans discriminate against families of Americans & those trying to make a better life for themselves.

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I salute @SenAlexander & @PattyMurray for working hard on a bipartisan healthcare solution. It got broad support from @SenateDems today.

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As the search continues for Off. Lehner, my thoughts & prayers are w/ his family, the @BPDAlerts, &all searching ti… https://t.co/RDRlxfJegB

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The Queen City wont buy this brand of fake math. Your cuts help the wealthiest Americans & are paid for by raising… https://t.co/YhFhgIOY9Q

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Why won’t the GOP listen to farmers like Mike from Kansas? WATCH👇🏽 https://t.co/drbrB6WuqT

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