Stand & B Counted or Sit & B Nothing. Don't Litter,Chew Gum,Walk Past Homeless PPL w/out Smile.DOESNT MATTER in 5 yrs IT DOESNT MATTER THERE'S ONLY LOVE&FEAR

Malibu, California

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Wrote twt & took it down.obviously it's there in the ether. My feelings r What they R but WRITING that word diminishes who I'm trying 2🐝Come

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"EVERYONE"ON MM2 IS SO TALENTED🥇ADORABLE& FUNNY"👏🏻🙌🏻👍🏻Im OK👌🏻 Director a dream.NOTHING BOTHERS HIM"😳 "I 4got some lines Ol😱 Ok,will fix it"😥

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Can’t sleep🙄tomm is 1st day😳cast did MM1& are 1/2 way through MM2.I did Burlesque🐝4 Lincoln Had Whiskers. ONE GREAT THING.. BENNY❤️FERNANDO

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Worked LATE LAST NIGHT. Make up/Hair test“CRAZY👏🏻Then Mark’s 2 Re-Sing FERNANDO.Wasn’t Happy,Feel MUCH Better😉MY VERSION IS Me.”GREAT SONG“😥

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