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Stand-up comic, Actor, Co-Creator of and Billy Shoemaker on the truTV series Those Who Can't, and lead yapper in rock n' roll outfit SPELLS.

Denver, CO

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Ben Roy

TONIGHT, DENVER!!! HI-DIVE!! KICK ASS SHOW!! Come dance with us in @spellsrules when we open for… https://t.co/pdkrqdIyyc

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Ben Roy

I like my bondage clubs like I like my cribbage: with a lot of aggressive pegging.

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Ben Roy

Hey there, baby girl... Get your rest now because rock n' roll is a comin'! #Denver #spellsrules https://t.co/T02U414KE1

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Ben Roy

All these wildfires have made LA a full sensory experience. Sights, sounds, smells, and, now, taste. Finally, a city with air you can chew.

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Ben Roy

Hey, Denver! This is your next chance to dance with us in @spellsrules! What a lineup! Be at Hi… https://t.co/clXjmP3434

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Ben Roy

The entertainment on this @delta flight leaves a lot to be desired. #ThoseWhoCant https://t.co/h8TtopOGRs

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Ben Roy

I get it, bullying is out. But can we at least bring back peer pressure? At least it was about inclusiveness.

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Ben Roy

Driving around Maine gives the impression that the US economy is powered solely by karate dojos and funeral services.

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